Chemical Peels

Peeling has been used for decades to help rejuvnete the skin and give it a healthy radiance. It is very useful procedure for reducing clogged pores, white and blackheads, drying up small pimples and lightening superficial pimple discoloured marks

It is done at many levels from Superficial, Moderate to Deep Peels. It is suicidal to do Moderate or Deep Peels on Asian Skin as it will likely cause Post- Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). Hence I strongly advise my patients to do only Superficial Peels.

The procedure is not painful at all. You will feel a slight tingling sensation only. Some of my patients like to have a mask post peel to help achieve a more hydrating glow afterwards. You may put on make-up straightaway. A definite “lunchtime” procedure.

You will NOT see any physical skin peeling after the treatment. There is no down time at all.

What you might feel is a powdery sensation in the skin after a day or 2, but from the 3rd day onwards you will feel the skin getting less clogged and softer and looking brighter and rejuvenated. Multiple sessions are needed as skin do get re-clogged (especially in the younger age group with oily skin and living in our warm Singapore weather!) up again after few weeks.

I recommend my patients to do this at 2 to 4 weeks interval for better results.